What are opp, cpp and bopp?

What is opp? opp stands for Orient Polypropylene, a thin plastic sheet made from polypropylene raw material that is widely used in the food packaging and other packaging industries. What is bopp? bopp stands for Biaxally Orient Polyproplene, which has the same function as opp but is thicker and has much greater strength and durability. Is . What is cpp? cpp stands for Cast Polypropylene, which has a clear color and is mostly laminated on the other plastic sheets mentioned for greater strength and durability. _ What is cpe? cpe stands for cast polyethylene, which is very similar to cpp, but with the difference that instead of polypropylene raw materials are obtained from polyethylene raw materials.

What are the uses of opp, cpp and bopp?

Most of the constraints are used in the food packaging industry and it can be said that more than 90% of the packaging that you see in grocery stores is produced and packaged from these materials.

Of course, these items are not only used in food packaging, but are also used in most packaging industries, for example, packaging of mobile and electrical accessories and و

What is the difference between using opp, cpp and bopp?

As we said before, all the items mentioned are used in the packaging industry, and the choice of raw materials is the responsibility of the customer, and the desired film should be selected according to the type of product or food.

If you do not know exactly what raw materials to use for your packaging, just contact our sales consultants to fully guide you, you can also bring the desired food or product to the head office to Test different samples on your product.

Example: Most packages of chips in grocery stores are packaged from a single bopp sheet, but for more strength, you can laminate a cpp layer on the bopp to have a much better and more functional package of thickness and strength.

How to deliver and use this type of packaging

This type of packaging is delivered in roll form to the desired person and is sewn and shaped using roll sewing and weighing machines, and then filled with the desired product by the packaging weighing machine. It is then packed and packaged.

Delivery in the form of envelopes: To make the packaging more attractive and easier to use, the opp, bopp, cpp and های rolls can be turned into envelopes using special stitching, which has a direct impact on better product sales and customer confidence. has it .

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