about us

This group started its activity in 1369 under the brand name of Parom Plastic and then during its continuous activity, it has a total area of ​​۲۵,۰۰۰ square meters with an annual production capacity of 25,000 tons under the brand name of Petro Parom Group of the following units. continues

Petro Peram Industrial Group, under the supervision of senior management with experienced and expert technical staff with the aim of superior quality, has succeeded in improving the variety of products in order to advance the needs and satisfaction of customers and consumers. And since 2010, with the construction of Azaran Plast, a flagship factory with an area of ​​۱۲,۰۰۰ square meters, it has been active in the field of construction industry, with the trend of interior decoration, wall cladding and false ceiling.


unit, design and pre-printing
unit, printing
unit, sewing and cutting
unit, packaging
unit, recycling
unit, machine building
unit, warehouse unit (raw materials, products, parts)
, quality control unit and laboratory.

petropyramon products

Petropyramon company is proud of the following products:


  • Thermal syringes for food and health industries
  • Polyethylene films for wrapping and packaging food and health industries
  • Production of nylon from the width of 10 cm to 8 meters in various thicknesses
  • Production of three-layer nylon for packaging food products
  • Production of all kinds of disposable tablecloths in different sizes and colors
  • Bubble nylon in rolls and bags

it has the latest manufacturing technology in separate units

Unit No. 1: Located in Shahid Salimi Industrial Town

including the production of single-layer and multi-layer films – the production of wide films – the printing and laminating section of plastic films with the possibility of 8-color printing – the sewing and cutting section of plastic films – the recycling section

and granulation – the design and stereotyping part – the quality control part and the laboratory

Unit No. 2: Located in Shahid Salimi Industrial Town

Including the production of various types of polyethylene, nylon and nylon films – the production of all types of stretch films

Unit No. 3: Located in Shahid Qasim Soleimani Industrial Estate

including the production of wall coverings – tiles and polyethylene plastic films

Printing and laminating department of units 1 and 2

This section includes German and Italian flexo printing machines (stick and central cylinder).

It is possible to print polyethylene wrappers and BOPP, CPP, polyester, metallized films, etc.

Up to a width of 130 cm, it has the best quality printing up to 8 colors.

And also there are adhesive laminating devices that can laminate all kinds of wrappers to each other

It is used for sanitary packaging.

Sewing and cutting section of unit 1 and 2

This section includes fully automatic machines for sewing and cutting

It includes the following:

– ۱ sewing and cutting in the form of a basket handle (bandi)

– ۲ sewing and cutting as reinforcement (thermal and adhesive)

– ۳ finger sewing and cutting (banana)

– ۴ sewing and cutting in the form of a nail stirrup

– ۵ sewing and cutting in the form of side stitching, bottom stitching and chicken

– ۶ sewing and cutting into 3 pieces and 4 pieces

۷ Perforated sewing and cutting

– ۸ Suturing and cutting intestinally

– ۹ sewing and cutting bags with sticky lips and Mexican hats

production of types:

Three-layer films for food, pharmaceutical and health uses

Nylon and store nylons

Gas, electricity, etc. hazard tapes in different sizes and colors

Industrial, hospital and household waste bags, in different colors and sizes



Production department of units 1 and 2

The first producer of protecor nylons in Iran

The first manufacturer of auto seat covers

Disposable paper car mat

Production of two-color nylons for packaging car parts

The first producer of wide nylon up to 8 meters wide with UV (anti-radiation) materials in the northwest of the country.

The first producer of industrial stretch nylon from the width of 10 cm to 2 meters in the province

Production of bubble nylon up to 5 layers up to 8 color printing with bubble diameter of 10, 20, 30 with different colors.

Production of all kinds of sharing pack nylons in the form of single and double layers and bags

Granulation recycling section of units 1 and 2

In this section, the production waste is collected and transferred to the production cycle in the form of granular materials for the production of grade 2 products.

Machining and turning department: Unit 1 and 2

This collection includes lathes and milling machines, all machine repairs are done by this collection, and this collection is also capable of making machine tools.