Double coated greenhouse plastic second cover to reduce consumption

As you know, one of the most important things in the greenhouse industry is to control the climatic conditions to get the best yields.

Sunny Plast is a manufacturer of polyethylene products, one of the derivatives of which is greenhouse and agricultural plastics. Sunny Plast is able to produce all plastics of the agricultural and greenhouse class with the highest quality and lowest prices.

Advantages of greenhouse duplication (best greenhouse cover in cold areas)

As we said before, one of the most important things in the greenhouse is to control the climatic conditions and heat of the greenhouse, so by covering the roof and walls of the greenhouse, you can have a much higher and significant yield from your cultivation and greenhouse in the cold seasons. The best greenhouse cover in cold areas to reduce the cost of plastic is double greenhouse.

Reduce costs by doubling the greenhouse

By using the method of covering the walls and ceiling of the greenhouse, you can heat your greenhouse at a much lower cost, so doubling the greenhouse may cost a little more, but in the end it will reduce energy consumption and costs.

Highlights in Greenhouse Double Plastic

Since the second greenhouse cover is not used to increase resistance to wind or other external factors and is used in cold seasons to reduce energy consumption, there is no need for additives or high thickness for all types of greenhouse polyethylene coatings. Therefore, we suggest using thin and light but wide plastic to reduce consumption costs.
By doubling the greenhouse, all the moisture in the double space is preserved, so the supply and ventilation of the greenhouse is very important to prevent disease or any damage to the crop.
Appropriate dimensions and width is one of the most important things for covering the greenhouse in an integrated and global way, which minimizes the passage of energy and heat, so if you build the first and second cover of the greenhouse head to head, the efficiency You will receive higher, Sunny Plast is able to produce all kinds of agricultural nylon and greenhouse in wide dimensions according to your needs.

Summary of greenhouse plastic cover

In any case, double covering the greenhouse in the cold seasons of the year comes with many benefits, which include:

Reduce fuel consumption in the cold seasons of the year, which causes energy consumption to reach its maximum.
By reducing consumption, you not only offset the cost of covering the greenhouse, but also increase your final income.
One of the main problems in greenhouses is the failure of the heating system for any reason that causes serious damage to your products, but by covering the greenhouse you can prevent serious damage and risk of work.
Covering the greenhouse is known as the best method and type of greenhouse cover to get the highest yield of the product.

Price of greenhouse plastic

The second cover of the greenhouse is different according to the cultivation, climatic conditions and other cases, so if you do not know what kind to order for the second cover, contact our consultants or get help from an agricultural engineer.

Any ordering, such as dimensions, length, thickness or other special needs, has no effect on the final price because the price is announced per kilogram based on the price of petrochemical raw materials. Due to the reduction of production waste in high volume orders, the final announced price will be lower. To inquire about the price of the day, just contact us.

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