thermal shearing

Retractable thermal sheaths, as their name implies, are retractable plastic pipes used to insulate wires, cables, busbars, fittings, and terminals. These coatings are resistant to corrosion, chemicals, and climate change, and are also used to repair wire and cable insulation, cluster, and color-coded.

The process of installing a thermal shearing is such that the thermal shearing is placed around the object to be insulated by the shearing. Then, using a suitable heat source (such as an industrial hair dryer), it is exposed to heat (the amount of heat required for each type of thermal shearing is different).

The shrinkage property of thermal shearing is created by irradiating the polymeric raw material to form covalent bonds between its atoms.

How to install thermal shearing

As mentioned, the thermal shear should be placed around the object to be insulated. For this purpose, a heat source should be used, which is usually an industrial hair dryer. With this hair dryer, the thermal shearing is exposed to heat and becomes shrinking. Each type of thermal coating has its own shrinkage coefficient, which is the shrinkage of the thermal shear after applying heat compared to its expanded size.

Application of thermal coatings

  1. Insulation of joints and busbars (bus loads) to reduce the distance between phase to phase and phase to ground
  2. Insulation repair of wires and cables
  3. Coding of wires and busbars by color
  4. Use as a label around wires, cables and pipes
  5. Mechanical protection of objects (such as pipes) to improve their performance against wear and tear (rust and corrosion due to moisture, chemicals and climate change)
  6. Beautification and coloring of various objects according to the smooth surface, good contact and color variety of coatings

Types of thermal shearing

There are different types of thermal valves, and we will mention 4 of the most popular ones here.

۱- Single layer thermal shearing (SGP)

This type of thermal coating, high consumption in low voltage conductors (up to 1000 volts) for insulation purposes (wire insulation, cable washing, copper bus load (bus),… phase coding (cables, bus loads of low pressure panels, 2) and mark ground or neutral conductors (using a combination of green and yellow coating) The single-layer thermal shearing production line is one of the most widely used of these production lines.

۲- Anti-friction thermal coating (SSP)

This type of thermal coating is often used to cover sports equipment such as tennis handles, fishing rods, wood used in yoga, horizontal bar, which is in direct contact with the user.

۳- D3TF double layer thermal shearing

Due to the color diversity of this type of cover, in addition to complete sealing and clustering, these covers can also be used to encode wires according to color. The black color of this model is resistant to ultraviolet (UV) rays. The shrinkage coefficient of these coatings is 3 to 1 (3: 1), which means that after proper heating, the diameter of the coating is reduced to one third of the original diameter.

۴- D4TF double layer thermal coating

This type of coating is similar to D3TF adhesive double-layer thermal coatings, except that the shrinkage ratio of these coatings is 4 to 1 (4: 1).