bubble wrap

If you are looking for a cheap cover with high impact rate for packing your products, we suggest you to use bubble shock absorber plastic, this type of plastic consists of a layer of nylon with air-filled bubbles that cause shock and The product is protected, which is further explained by its types and the history of bubble wrap, along with a guide to order bubble wrap.

Bubble yellows have been around for over 50 years. In 1957, American engineers Alfred Fielding and Mark Schawans created 3D textured wallpaper that was trapped after sealing two shower curtains with air bubbles, but the two realized that their 3D wall covering was so Which they expected was not popular. They eventually changed tactics and marketed it as greenhouse insulation – but that too was not popular.

It took almost 3 years for a marketer to realize better use of this product. This material is a great help in protecting recently designed IBM computers during transportation. After demonstrating its protective features, IBM mounted and began using Bubble Wrap to protect precious shipments.

What is the use of bubble wrap?

This type of nylon is used in cases where there is a need to protect the product against external factors. You must have seen furniture that uses this type of nylon to protect transportation and prevent scratches.

In general, the use of bubble wrap is very high and it is not possible to name all of them, but the production team of Sunny Plast can introduce the best type of sex that has a high application and efficiency for you with practical advice.

  1. Packaging of all kinds of wooden products, decorations, sofas and…
  2. Home Appliances
  3. Electronics
  4. Industrial packages
  5. Glass cutting classes and glass products
  6. And ….

Advantages of using bubble wrap

Depending on the application that the ordering person has, various applications can be named for this type, but the main applications with bubbles are:

  1. One of the best thermal and acoustic insulation
  2. Easier packing and shipping
  3. Prevent product contamination or damage
  4. Bumpers for moving equipment or products
  5. And….

Bubble packaging comes in many forms today and can be found almost anywhere office supplies and packaging are sold. Some of its most popular formats are:

  1. Bubble envelope
  2. Bubble packing roll
  3. Types of bubble bags

Ordinary or two-dimensional corrugated nylon

This type of nylon can be used to pack all goods. Goods such as breakable utensils, photo frames, chairs, boards, spare parts, electronics and…

۳D bubble nylon

This type of nylon, unlike 2D bags, is suitable for packing goods that have a cube shape. Goods such as kitchen appliances such as refrigerators, gas or various types of household appliances such as: beds, furniture, cupboards and tools and industrial appliances that are in the form of cubes are used.

Types of coated nylon

Two layers of large bubbles

This type of nylon has better performance to protect the product when moving and transporting breakable goods due to its larger diameter and bubbles than small bubbles.

Three layers of large bubbles

This type of bubble nylon has a better performance due to the fact that it has one more layer of the double-layer type and will increase the bubble resistance on the surface of the nylon. This type is the best product for packing larger goods.

Three layers of fine bubbles

This type of product offers good performance compared to double-layer nylons due to having fine bubbles and an additional layer on the surface. The third layer prevents the bubbles of the nylon surface from bursting under pressure.